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When is the COVID-19 support package ending?

The benefits for telehealth services, introduced to help members access Extras services during the pandemic, are here to stay.

We will continue to cover selected telehealth services, such as physiotherapy, dietetics and psychology in line with your level of Extras cover.* So, you can continue focusing on staying healthy, from the comfort of home.

The other benefits within the extended COVID-19 support package ended 31 December, which included:

  • Mental health support: All members with Extras are covered for psychology up to a limit of $300, at no added cost. Each person covered can claim up to this limit, from 1 April 2020 until 31 December 2022.
  • Increased cover for COVID-19 related treatment: Available across any level of Hospital cover where these treatments are usually excluded, at no added cost.

We are continuing to monitor the pandemic as it unfolds and will keep our members informed about any additional support options available.

* Subject to your chosen level of cover, policy exclusions, waiting periods and limits.

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