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What’s covered under Comprehensive car insurance?


24/7 Claims

New Car Replacement

Whichever comes earlier, 2 years or 40,000km from original registration

Towing Costs

Hire Car Following Theft

Similar hire car up to $1,000 (limit 14 days)

Hire Car Following a No Fault Accident

Similar hire car (Unlimited, no day limit)

Emergency Transport and Accommodation

$200 a day including flights ($1,000 in total)

Personal Effects

Up to $750

Repair guarantee

On authorised repairs for as long as you own the car

Replacement Keys

Up to $1,500

Damage to Caravan or Trailer

Up to $1,000 (caravan and trailer)

Damage or theft of Child Seats or Capsules

Up to $750

Liability cover

Damage to Other People’s Property up to $20 million

Death Benefit


Essential Repairs

Up to $500 to allow the car to be driven immediately after an accident.

For a full list and details, please refer to the PDS.

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