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What does my Private Health Insurance Statement include?

Your Private Health Insurance Statement outlines:

  • The premiums you have paid to Qantas Health Insurance during the financial year that are eligible for the Australian Government Rebate
  • The amount of rebate you received during the financial year

If you are the policyholder, your statement will outline the details of any other adults who were on your policy at any point during the financial year. These individuals will be listed as "Other adult beneficiaries". If you were covered on someone else's policy (for example, your partner's) your statement will also show their details.

The statement also tells you the number of days you had an appropriate level of Private Patient Hospital cover during the financial year (refer to label A on your statement). This will help you see if you have to pay an extra Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS). Visit the ATO website for more information about MLS.

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