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When will the changes take effect?

The changes to the maximum age for dependants will be phased:

  • Non-student dependants – The maximum age will increase from 25 to 31 from 1 October 2022. This change will automatically apply for existing non-student dependants on a Qantas Health Insurance policy. However, to add a new non-student dependant to a policy, the policyholder (or spouse with authority on the policy) just needs to call us on 13 49 60 to make the changes. Please note that when adding a non-student dependant to a policy, there may be an additional premium required which we can confirm at the time of the request.
  • Student dependants - Student dependants aged between 21 and 24 (inclusive) can currently be added to a family / single parent family policy at no extra cost by calling our team on 13 49 60. We are looking to increase the age from 25 to 31 in 2023.
  • Dependants with a disability – Changes are expected to be introduced in 2023.

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