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How does Bundled Cover work when I make a claim?

If you Bundle TPD or Trauma Insurance with Life Insurance Cover, the payout of one Cover will reduce the Benefit Amount of the Covers within the Bundle by a corresponding amount.

For example: You take out $1,000,000 of Life Insurance and Bundle this with $500,000 TPD and $250,000 Trauma Insurance. Two years later, you are diagnosed with a Brain Tumour and make a claim on Trauma Insurance under Cancer Cover.

When your claim is approved and $250,000 has been paid to you, you are no longer Covered by Trauma Insurance and the Benefit Amount for the other Covers within the same Bundle reduces in line with the Benefit Amount paid. In this case:

  • Your Life Insurance Cover amount reduces to $750,000
  • Your TPD Cover amount reduces to $250,000

For more information please see the 'Choosing between Standalone and Bundled Insurance' section of the Product Disclosure Statement provided to you when you were issued with your policy, including any updates given to you since you joined.

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