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Will my policy cover me if I consume alcohol during my trip?

Your policy carries a general exclusion for alcohol consumption. The general exclusion relating to alcohol can be found under the General Exclusions section in your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

The general exclusion states: 

“We will not cover you for loss, expense or liability directly or indirectly arising from, related to or associated or in connection with or in respect of use of alcohol or drugs unless the drugs have been prescribed by a medical practitioner.”

Cover for claims involving alcohol consumption are not automatically excluded. Instead, we review and consider each claim individually. 

We understand that responsible alcohol consumption is often part of the travel experience. Therefore, we do not seek to deny claims where alcohol was consumed without considering the extent to which it contributed to the claim. 

This means that the presence of alcohol will not be the sole reason for denying a claim. Instead, each claim will be considered on an individual basis, taking into account the wider circumstances of the case. 

Our general exclusion ensures that we consider each claim based on its individual merits against the policy wording and that we do not follow an arbitrary blood alcohol limit in determining whether a claim involving alcohol will or will not be met.

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