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How can I delete my Wellbeing App data?

We want you to have ownership of your data. At any time you can delete your health data (blood pressure and BMI) through the app, or ask us to delete other Wellbeing App data by contacting customer support. Deleting this data will remove it from Qantas Wellbeing servers.

What will happen if I request that my data be deleted?

Once you request that your Wellbeing App data be deleted:

  1. We’ll notify you via email when your request has been received and when your personal information, as outlined below, has been deleted. This process usually takes up to 30 days to complete.
  2. Once we’ve removed your personal information from our servers, you will be prompted to log out of the Wellbeing App. Doing so will remove all associated data from your phone’s local storage.
What information will be removed?

All personal information you’ve shared with us via the Wellbeing App (such as steps, sleep data, and your friends list) will be deleted from our systems with a few exceptions listed below.

What information will be kept?

To make sure we have a record of the points you’ve earned in the app, and how many points you could earn if you use the app again in the future, we will keep some information related to your use of the app, including:

  1. Any badges you’ve previously earned in the app, for example ‘Sydney to Bondi’. You can only earn these badges once.
  2. The date you last earned Qantas Points for each check-up, for example ‘BMI Check’. Once you’ve earned points for a check-up, you need to wait before earning points for the same check-up again.
  3. The Qantas Points you have earned for referring friends to the app and if applicable for being referred. This is because there is a maximum number of points which can be earned through the ‘refer a friend’ program.
  4. The number of Qantas Points you have earned for completing each activity in the Wellbeing App. Except as mentioned in the points above, we won’t keep a record of the types of activities you completed.

Deleting your Wellbeing App data cannot be undone and we will not be able to recover deleted data.

To delete your Wellbeing App data, call us on 13 49 60 or email us at

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