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Where can I find information about Lifetime Health Cover?

LHC is a Government initiative designed to incentivise people to take out – and maintain – private Hospital cover earlier in life. 

If you haven’t taken out private Hospital insurance by 1 July following your 31st birthday, a 2% loading will be added on to the cost of your Hospital cover for every year you don’t have it up to 70%. For example, if you don’t take out private Hospital cover until you’re 40, you’ll pay 20% more on your premiums than someone who took it out before their 31st birthday. 

This extra cost is added to your policy as soon as you take out private health cover. The loading applies for 10 years of continuous Hospital cover.

If you have a couple or family policy, the loading is calculated as the average between the individual loading of both adults. So for instance, if one has a 10% loading and the other has 20%, the total loading added to your policy would be 15%.

It’s worth noting that the LHC applies to Hospital cover only and not your Extras cover.

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