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Could my claim be declined?

When you submit an insurance claim several things can happen:

  • Your claim may be approved in full
  • Your claim may be partially approved, or
  • Your claim may be declined.

Once a claim is submitted, we will review all of the relevant information to determine what is covered under your policy.

In some instances, we may only be able to approve part of the claim and usually, this decision is made after receiving all relevant information.

For example, a claim may be partially approved or declined because:

  • The insurance policy was not current at the time of the loss occurring
  • Some of the damage was pre-existing and the policy only covers damage from insured events
  • You did not answer questions accurately when you purchased the policy or provided updates to your circumstances during the life / renewal of the policy as required by the PDS.
  • You have not met the obligations and conditions of the insurance contract.

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