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Do you subscribe to an industry code?

Our insurance is underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company Limited (Auto & General) who is a member of the Insurance Council of Australia and a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice (the Code). By signing up to the Code, they promise to act in an open, honest, and fair manner in all their dealings with customers.

Auto & General and Qantas Insurance are committed to helping our customers better understand their rights when buying insurance, making claims, resolving a complaint, or experiencing financial hardship.

General insurers’ compliance with the Code is monitored and enforced by an independent body called the Code Governance Committee (CGC). Customers can report suspected breaches of the Code to the CGC, which then investigates and, if necessary, agrees with the insurer on corrective measures within set timeframes.

 Any failure to correct a breach can lead to CGC sanctions, which are binding on insurers.

A copy of the Code can be accessed by visiting

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