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Need additional support?

Please call us on 13 49 60 or take a look at the PDS.

Transport to Medical Appointments from rural or regional locations

As part of the assessment of an application or a claim, it is sometimes necessary to request our customers be examined by an independent medical specialist or, for a claim, to attend rehabilitation related services.

In all cases, to inconvenience you as little as possible, every effort will be made to organise appointments close to your home. However, for rural and regional customers, if a suitable provider is not located in your local area, Qantas Life Insurance will pay reasonable costs for your transport to attend the medical appointment.

If flights and accommodation are required for you to attend medical assessments, this will be organised for you. If there is a medical reason you cannot travel alone, we’ll also consider paying any travel costs for someone to accompany you. Please note, approval is required from Qantas Life Insurance prior to the appointment.

If you have a disability, please speak to your Customer Service Representative or Claims Case Manager to ensure that there is suitable access for you at the medical appointment.

In all cases, please speak to your Qantas Life Insurance Customer Service Representative or Claims Case Manager prior to incurring any expenses to confirm what payments can be reimbursed. They are committed to helping you find a suitable solution.

Assistance for customers having difficulty meeting timelines or identification requirements

Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to attend medical appointments or to obtain the necessary documentation in the timeframes required to keep your application or claim open.If this happens, Qantas Life Insurance will work with you to agree on reasonable timeframes, help you book medical appointments, and obtain the required documentation to support your application or claim.

When information is required, you’ll be contacted and kept updated about the process. Equally, you need to keep us updated on your efforts to ensure your application or claim remains open.

If you’re experiencing difficulties or need help, simply contact your Qantas Life Insurance Customer Service Representative or Claims Case Manager.

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