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What additional features can I set up over the phone?

You will need to speak to a member of our team on 13 49 60 about including any of the following:

  • Bundling – Bundled Insurance is when the the Insurances that pay a lump sum (Life, TPD and Trauma) are linked together. A benefit payment under one of the Insurances within the bundle will reduce the benefit available under other Insurance within the bundle by the amount that has been paid.
  • Cover Pause - In case of financial hardship, you can pause your cover for up to three months. You won’t pay premiums but you also won’t be covered during the Cover Pause period and 3 months after you restart paying premiums. It’s easy to switch on your cover again within 3 months and you won’t need to go through the health and lifestyle assessment again.
  • Premium Relief (For Life Insurance, TPD, Trauma Insurance) – If you add this option, you won’t need to pay your premiums if you are unable to work for at least three consecutive months due to illness or accident.
  • Increasing Claims Option (For Income Protection only) – If you are receiving benefit payments, Increasing Claims allows the benefit amount to increase based on the indexation factor or 3%, whichever is lesser. (This can only be set up over the phone).
  • Day One Accident (For Income Protection only) – instead of having to wait out your chosen waiting period, if you’re disabled for the entire waiting period your payments will start accruing from the first day you’re off work due to a total disability from an injury (only available to 2 and 4 week waiting periods).

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