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Why is Qantas Health Insurance increasing its premiums?

Every year, private health insurers across Australia review their premiums. We understand that premium changes are never welcomed, however, they reflect the increasing cost of medical treatment.

Our focus remains on keeping health cover affordable for our members, however, these premium changes are required to ensure we can continue to protect our members’ health when and where they need it. The changes reflect the increasing cost of medical treatment and the ongoing investment in our members’ future health. 

To help relieve the financial pressures on our members, this year we postponed our premium increase that was to be implemented on 1 April 2022 until 1 November 2022.

We understand that as life changes so do your health cover needs. As such, we believe it’s important that our members review their health cover regularly to ensure it’s providing them with peace of mind by covering them for the things they need. Free health cover reviews can be done via phone on 13 49 60.

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